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This is a brief outline of some of the services I can offer. You can find more details by following the links to :/more information or you can :/contact me 

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Consultancy services

I have a wide range of skills and experience from the ELT and education sector and can offer sound and unbiased consultancy services on a range of electronic and social networking products and projects. Consultancies can range from very short virtual meetings, Skype or telephone calls, if you are just looking for some quick advice or an objective opinion, to longer desk and field based research for longer term projects.
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Training workshops

I am able to produce and deliver a wide range of either face to face or online training for teachers. This training can be custom made  for your teachers or you can choose from a range of training sessions. All training combines the development of technical skills and knowhow alongside hands-on exploration of pedagogical applications of technologies within the teachers’ day to day context.
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Project management

I’m a qualified PRINCE2 project manager and have a range of experience of managing digital education projects for delivery online or on CD / DVD. I have a wide experience of working with and managing geographically dispersed teams and the processes involved in managing digital assets and ensuring that projects are delivered on time and budget.
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Video & screencast movies

Video screencast movies are a really powerful way of helping people to understand and use new web based technologies. I can produce custom made video tutorials which can be produced in a range of formats to be delivered on websites or to a range of mobile devices such as i-Pod or i-Phone through i-Tunes or RSS.
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ELT & technology writing

I am an experienced ELT writer with more than ten years experience of working on both paper based and electronic products for teachers and learners and can produce a wide range of materials from course content to articles and advice for teachers.
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Editing & commissioning services

As well as many years as commissioning editor, I have a wide range of contacts with tried and tested ELT writers and can manage the commissioning and editing of large scale ELT projects either for either online or paper based products.
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E-marketing & promotion

I can advise on and assist with a range of aspects related to educational and ethically sound e-marketing which can help you to get your projects and products noticed, not by millions of people, but by the right people, within the online education sector.
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I am available for online or face to face conference presentations or workshops. See more information about my past and future conference workshops and presentations.
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