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Here you can see a range of the sessions that I can deliver. All training sessions can be either delivered as presentation or workshop depending on the facilities available. I can also develop customised training specific to your needs. For more information :/contact me 

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:/Enhancing your course book with digital materials

The session takes the course book as its starting point and looks at the types of activities course books contain and how we can replace or enhance these using online tools and resources. This enables teachers to use technology creatively without loosing sight of their syllabus.

:/An introduction to ‘Web 2.0’

Over the past few years the Internet has been changing rapidly and has moved from a ‘top down - broadcast’ medium to a more democratic medium delivering user generated content. This session would be a basic introduction to some of the causes and enablers of the ‘Web 2.0’ age and give a brief over view of what it’s making possible in terms of education and ELT.

:/Interactive whiteboards

Getting the best from interactive whiteboards depends on understanding their pedagogical potential to enhance classroom practice. My IWB training sessions focus on how to exploit the creative potential of the boards to stimulate classroom interaction.

:/Social networking and community building

This session could looks at how we can use free tools for developing online communities of practice and social networks and some of the issues involved in making online communities successful.

:/Language exchange online

The web is a fantastic place for students to practice their language skills and exchange views and communicate with other students. There is an ever growing source of websites designed specifically for this purpose. This session helps to explore some of these sites, evaluate their true potential to support language learning and identify some of the strengths and pitfalls of these services.

:/Finding and exploiting online text

The web offers a huge range of authentic text that we can exploit with out students. This session looks at how we can make the most of authentic web based text and create effective, motivating tasks for our students to do online or in the classroom.

:/RSS, personal home pages & personal learn networks (PLN)

Being part of the online educational community has never been easier or potentially more rewarding, but many teachers need help and guidance so that they develop a useful online network without wasting too much time. This session can help guide teachers in the use of effective tools that can help them save time and build a more effective network for the continuing professional development.

:/Collaborative online writing

Web 2.0 developments have made it far easier for anyone to author and publish online. This presents us with huge educational possibilities for us and our students. This session looks at tasks and tools that we can use to get our students working collaboratively and developing their writing skills.

:/Finding and creating audio materials

This session looks at how we can easily and quickly create audio materials and combine these into online and classroom tasks for our students. It helps teachers to find appropriate tools and develop activities that students will enjoy and learn from.

:/Digital narratives

This session looks at tools that we and our students can use to create digital multimedia narratives and how we can exploit these within the classroom and share them online.

:/Online voice interaction

This session looks at a range of resources available to enable students to practice synchronous and asynchronous voice interaction and how these can be integrated into the curriculum.

:/Tools for building learning objects

This session looks at a range of free tools for creating interactive content and sharing, distributing and delivering it online.

:/Web 3D  and virtual worlds

This session looks at the future of the web and at the vast range of online and offline 3D tools and environments that are becoming available and their potential for use in distance and e-learning as well as how we can use them to create engaging content.

:/Finding and using free image resources

This session looks at how we can find free image resources and exploit them in class and online. It also looks at a range of websites and resources which can help us to create engaging and interactive content for our students.

:/Exploiting online video resources

This session looks at some of the vast range of available sources of online video and explore some of the issues involved in using this material and how to exploit such resources.

:/Creating your own video resources

This session looks at how teachers and students can use very simple video equipment to create their own content, work on projects and create their own engaging materials for online or classroom delivery.

:/Creating your own screencast software tutorials

As trainers we often need to help students and other teachers with the technical problems of using software and web resources. This session could look at a range of resources we can use to create and share our training and technical knowledge online.

:/E-Safety, privacy and appropriacy

This session looks at some key requirements of ensuring that our students are safe online and that the sites that we recommend for them are safe appropriate and respect our and our students personal data and privacy. It also looks at what we need to do to educate students to deal with online threats.

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